The Fall is going to be busy. 3 plays and some films plus Destination Freedom so get in where you fit in

Slut Energy Theory in New York at the All For One Theatre Festival. 10/12/13/18/20 2013
written and performed by Rene Marie
directed by donnie l. betts
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One woman’s story about abuse, laughter, life, & pushin’ on through to the other side.
Told through music, spoken word and monologue, U’Dean Morgan speaks her mind as an elderly, yet ageless, woman whose harrowing life experiences have left her anything but speechless. From the opening song, she tells you exactly what she thinks about sex, heaven, lies, truth, you, herself and whatever else you might ask her – if you have the nerve! Nearly five years in the making, all creative content – music, lyrics, spoken word and monologue – are original works by Rene Marie.

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