Who Killed Jigaboo Jones open October 4 at the Lida Project


A One
Man Mockumentary on the Hip Hop Industrial Complex. Written by Jeff Campbell,
directed by donnie l. betts. The story of a dead rapper and the people who knew
him, loved him, used him and abused him. The comparison between minstrel
performers of the early 20th Century and Hip Hop artists of today.
Socio-cultural commentary on why we continually choose dollars over dignity in
a so-called post racial society, and a critical analysis of how images in the
early 20th Century were used to justify Jim Crow laws, and whether the images
in Hip Hop are used to justify disproportionate incarceration rates. BUY
TICKETS HERE: http://workspacedenver.org/october-4-19-2013who-killed-jigaboo-jones/


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